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Our job is to be able to offer wines of utter most quality.

Each aspect is given commitment, just as much as those less connected to the production of the wine: such as the commercial aspect and the one related to the advertising and the visual comunication of our products.

We have particularly given a lot of care as well as attention to our logo and our labels. Nothing has to be left to chance or to improvisation. We have, indeed, entrusted professional experts. Herewith, an extract of their article on the work they have meticulously done for us:

“The image of a Dioniso with hat welcomes us in the cellar, work by the artist Francesco Musante. From this intensely and strongly connotative image we started with the brand and the graphic study of the new labels. Re-interpreting, giving value and identity to the brand. The objective has been to create a solid image, coherent and efficient of the cellar’s identity, of its values, of its vision and positioning, so as to make the brand recognisable and memorable. The name “La Collina di Dionisio” has been connected to the name Fabio Oberto to strongly combine this new reality to the experience of a name, that of Fabio, well-known and renowned on the market, showing its belonging to the territory, to the traditions other than reinforcing the brand and characterising the company by increasing exposure, recognition and memorisation. The labels have been developed with the intention of making them attractive and appealing to the distributors and consequently to the final client/consumer, increasing value, prestige, and exposure to the new company. Let’s not forget the values are related and deeply connected to the territory and to visible codifications linked to the type of wines treated.” MAD13 creative room